At RollerStop we welcome wheelchair users to join in and have a spin at our purpose-built roller-skating rink.

For health and safety reasons we can only allow 2 wheelchairs on the rink at any one time.


Guide: Wheelchairs on the rink at RollerStop

Here are some key points to be aware of when using the roller rink:

  • Person pushing a wheelchair must be on foot (not skates) - this is so you can stop and turn quickly. The person pushing does not have to pay.
  • Be aware of beginner skaters and under 8s - they often fall unexpectedly and move in an unpredictable manner!


Go with the flow!

Everyone on the rink must travel in the same direction, at an appropriate speed for the session and remember to keep moving on the rink.


This will depend on the session - the important part is that you are in control of the wheelchair at all time and can stop or turn immediately if needed.

Tight Squeeze

At busy sessions we request wheelchair users to turn the corner nearest the cafe early and wide as it can be a bottle neck.

Hangers On

We don't allow anyone to be pulled along by wheelchairs.

Rest Time

If you wish to stop at anytime, please head to the carpeted area - off of the rink.

What to expect at a roller disco?

Music, lights, people laughing and dancing, changes of direction, limbo game (staff will adjust the height for anyone going underneath).

If any fall should occur, a member of the rink staff will come to assist and redirect any skating traffic around the blocked area.

If any first aid assistance is required, the staff will call for assistance.

Please make the staff aware if you have any additional concerns or requirements.

Following these guidelines will help you have a FUN and SAFE time at RollerStop!