Learn New Moves This Summer!

During all of our holiday roller discos we'll be teaching you NEW skate moves!

Children aged 4-12 years can take part in a competition to win lots of great prizes including, skate bags, month roller disco passes, T-shirts, pizzas, milkshakes and much more!

To take part:

  • Collect a sticker sheet at reception
  • Attend 3 holiday roller discos and take part in the group lessons
  • Collect stickers for the moves you've learned (there will be beginner, improver & advanced moves)
  • Present your completed sticker sheet at reception

Don't worry if you miss some moves, we'll be helping kids to finish their sheets in the last few weeks of the summer holidays.

Winners will be drawn at 3pm on 14th August, good luck and happy skating 🙂

Not taking part in the competition? No problem, you can still join in the group lesson!

Terms and Conditions
Stickers and sheets for paying customers only, strictly for children aged 4-12 years. Name and contact information of participants is required so winners can be notified. We aim to teach 2 moves during each 90 minute session, however, the shcedule may be affected if staff have to attend to a first aid incident, keeping everyone safe is a priority.