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Are you interested in bringing your group to a roller disco?

Great! We love having after-school clubs, school groups, summer camps and other clubs such as the Guides and Scouts visit.

Please note, booking is essential. The booking form is at the bottom of this page.

What to expect?







Groups of less than 40 skaters can attend a public roller disco.

Groups of 40 or more skaters must hire the venue for private use.

Cost of attending a public disco

Groups of less than 40 skaters:

  • Under 18s: £7.50
  • Adults: £11

Non-skaters are FREE.

Cost of private venue hire

Groups of 40 or more - £350 for 40 skaters, plus £8.25 for each additional skater after this.

£350 is the base price and must be paid, even if less than 40 skaters attend on the day.

Please note this is a special rate only for children's groups and clubs. Private parties are charged at a different rate.


Roller skating, like any sport, comes with some risk of injury. While this is normally only a few bumps and bruises, there is the potential for more serious injury. To minimise the risk of serious injury, we have guidelines to help make the experience a safer and more enjoyable one for everyone involved.

  • You must have at least one member of your staff for every 8 children that attend. For groups with children under 8 years, we suggest that this ratio is 1:6. Not all staff have to skate, they can support any children who need more assistance on foot.
  • Our staff will be able to provide a short skating lesson (as long as you have booked in advance), please assist them in stopping any children who have not had a lesson from taking to the rink. We understand that everyone is very excited, but it’s best that everyone learns a few basics before they go and practice on their own.
  • The RINK RULES are for everyone’s safety, our skate marshals job is to ensure the rules are enforced, please be mindful of how your group are behaving and support our staff in providing a safe skating environment.

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