Children have the right to be protected from any abuse and harm at all times and in all situations. These guidelines have been designed to help our organisation protect these rights.

Child protection is the responsibility of every adult who has involvement with children. RollerStop will seek to ensure the protection of all children in their areas.

RollerStop offers a fun and safe way of getting active for children, the roller skating experience boasts a whole range of physical and social benefits. Children also learn to trust and respect the adults involved. This places staff in a trustworthy position in that child’s life. There may come a time when a child feels the need to confide in a staff member or a staff member feels that all is not well in the child’s life.

RollerStop has a duty to ensure that staff are well equipped with the necessary information and knowledge to give that child the support, guidance and help needed at the time. This policy has been produced to help staff to think through the issues and provide child protection guidelines. It will also help when considering any training issues and point staff in the right direction for help and advice in the future. This Policy will be used in conjunction with complementary policies, for example Disclosure Scotland checks through the Recruitment and Selection Policy and the control of Photography Policy.