Worked up a thirst?

Have a break from skating and treat yourself to a refreshment.

Gezzi's pizza is open during every roller disco serving a selection delights.

Freshly made pizza is available with a selection of toppings.

Fancy something sweet? Treat yourself to a mega milkshake or an ice-cream sundae made with Crolla ice-cream.

Looking for a hot drink? There are a selection of teas and coffee by Dear Green Coffee Roasters


Margherita £5

Veggie £6 (peppers & pesto)

Pepperoni £6 (& peppers)

Extra toppings available for 50p


Toast & jam £1.50



Selection of cakes

Ice Cream

Kids Scoop £1.60

2 Scoop £2.60

Flavours: Vanilla, Strawberry,
Chocolate, Toffee, Bubblegum,
Coconut, Mint Choc Chip

Add a topping for 60p


Choc-a-bloc £5.50

Strawberry Disco £5.50

Bubblegum £5.50


Kids skate shake £2 (strawberry/chocolate/banana/vanilla)

Strawberry Rainbow £3.20 (strawberry & rainbow sprinkles)

Cheeky Monkey £3.20 (banana)


Roller Bomb £3.80 (bubblegum and popping candy)

Choco-cookie crunch £4.30 (Choc & Oreo biscuits)

Pea-nut-colada £4.30 (Choc and Reeces pieces)


Wonderland £4.30 (Vanilla and Kinder chocolate)

Crazy Kitten £5.50 (Strawberry, squirty cream, popping candy & toppings)

Mermaids Tail £5.50 (Bubblegum, squirty cream, toppings & wafer)


Choc 'n roll £5.50 (Chocolate, squirty cream, toppings & flake)

Unicorn Magic £5.50 (Strawberry & Vanilla, squirty cream, toppings & a uni-horn)

Hot Drinks

Tea £1.70

Americano £2

Cappucino/Latte/Flat White/ Hot Chocolate £2.30

Oat milk sub + 40p